We’ve performed for the biggest stars in the world. Now we’re performing for you.

Aaron Paul

“I love these guys. Whenever they are in L.A., I just have to see them!”

— Aaron Paul

Drew Scott

“What can I say, I just love Kozmo’s show!”

— Drew Scott of Property Brothers

scarlett johansson

“Joe Maxwell is amazing!”

— Scarlett Johansson

Seth Rogan

“Kozmo is hilarious!”

–Seth Rogan

pee wee herman

“Magicy! Heh heh!”

— Paul Ruebens “Pee Wee Herman”

will arnett

“These guys are scary good. Hands down the best magicians on the planet!”

— Will Arnett

don mattingly

“Yogi’s right! Joe is fantastic!”

— Don Mattingly, Baseball Hall of Famer